Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“He thought I was being all romantic, but I was just checking out my hair in his sunglasses.” Are you sure he wasn’t blind?

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  1. Matt says:

    I hate getting mixed signals, lol!

  2. Madison says:

    I’ll be the first to admit I’ve done this.

  3. Alicia says:

    This is a REALLY random and irrelevant question, but I’ve always been curious…how old are you Charlie?

  4. Lock says:

    I want to guess! 25!

  5. Lock says:

    No wait, 27!

  6. Jena says:

    I’m sure he has a view of cleavage and was grinning like an idiot and she got the mixed signal!

  7. Anna says:

    Charlie, I think you may be the funniest person on the internet.

  8. Lexi says:

    I say you ask one out on a date and see how many
    “that hairy guy down stairs….” comments you hear, especially if they say yes.
    I bet it would be a magical night(:

  9. Marie says:

    She’s a catch. I feel bad for that guy.

  10. Dictator says:

    how funny!

  11. Jamie says:

    Charlie, I don’t want to even think about how much play you’ve gotten because of this site…

  12. Leah says:

    hahah that’s awesome :) hey charlie, you should make a calendar with this stuff! You could make a 2011 calendar and then on each day include one of your postings from here from 2010 :)

  13. Courtney says:

    As I was reading this, there was an ad for a sunglasses site next to it.

  14. BriaJ says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I have actually done that; not recently though…

  15. Mr. Adam says:

    Charlie, do you know how old the girls are? (sorry if this has been answered in previous posts)

  16. Jonessa says:

    Charlie, I love the site & as a 22 year old in CA,I find it hard to believe you’re not doing better than high school pen pals.. :)

  17. Lequia says:

    Charlie, if you’re doing well in the “internet high school penpals that live in Canada” department then why haven’t you taken people up on the marriage proposals?! lol

    At any rate, keep up the good work. I look forward to my daily smile. :)

    • Alicia says:

      Let’s just remember they’re HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS and you’re a 27-year-old man.

      • Lequia says:

        If you’re referring to my comment about marriage proposals I wasn’t implying that the high school kids were making proposals. I worded the sentence poorly. Sorry. :( I’m not even going to try and explain it, cuz I think things will just get a little more awkward. :/

  18. Lock says:

    Weird, the comments got all out of order. I guessed correctly though! I guessed 27 at 1:41 pm, and you answered at 2:03! Odd that all of a sudden those comments got in between.



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