Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“[singing] When the moon hit’s your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s VAGINA. DaDaDaDaDaaa.” Did you guys bake pot brownies again?

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  1. john says:


  2. john says:

    w00t! very funny… i hope she didnt sound like a screeching owl. Are your ears ok? or are they bleeding?

  3. Gennie says:

    Those lyrics are much better than the original. All future performances of this song should be sung thus.

  4. alix says:

    I think this song calls for an encore, from the guy downstairs.

  5. DONTJUDGEME says:

    You made my day

  6. Joyousness says:

    Wait you mean that’s NOT the way the song goes?

  7. Anonymous says:

    To them, amore and vagina WOULD be synonymous…

  8. Charlotte says:

    Creativity at its finest.

  9. Katewho says:

    Man, Weird Al has some competition.

  10. madison says:

    pot brownies are how they get up in the morning so I’m assuming this was after their stronger, less filling lunch

  11. Charlie McDowell says:

    I can’t get this version of the song out of my head. I accidentally sang it under my breath at the dry cleaners.

    • vampiresquirrel says:

      That’s a good way to appear sane. Try to do the nervous, shifty eyes at the same time.

  12. Maddie says:

    If you think deeply about the words it almost makes sense.

  13. sam says:

    Gah! I’ve been singing that wrong all this time?!?

  14. Emma says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this might be my favorite post ever.

  15. SuperKatie says:

    I wonder what they would be like on pot… likely more tolerable. Laid back and cool. Hopefully they’d get all quiet like my friend does and you could bask in the golden silence.

  16. Betsy says:

    I just had my first obstetrics class this afternoon. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard the word “vagina” today.

  17. ScarletteLyn says:

    Maybe you should leave them some pot brownies at their door like you did with the haylie duff pillow! See what happens then :)

  18. Mitchell says:

    I so wish I could have heard this in person.

  19. Kate says:

    Strange how well that fits really. It has a nice flow to it.

    And by the way Charlie, I’ve just started my senior year of college and your website is what gets me through two art history classes, web design and “Public Opinion and the News Media” (how can you not love a course title like that?) so thanks for keeping me sane.

  20. Imogen says:

    This is too wonderful, you are somehow making German environmentalism bearable. Thank you. x

  21. Quinchles says:

    I prefer xkcd’s version: “When the moon hits your thigh…” Maybe a combination? When the moon hits your thigh like a big pizza pie, that’s vagina…

  22. Lord Voldemort says:

    I was at a party and this song came on. I accidentally sang it their way. I got many stares

  23. Cara says:

    I don’t even know what to think about this one (once I was done laughing and could breathe again of course) I can never hear this song the right way again.

  24. Tina says:

    Oh, how I hope she’s had her tubes tied. Thinking of a smaller, unlucky youth with half of that DNA in the country saddens me.

  25. Suzi says:

    am i really the only person here that actually doesn’t know what song this is? and before you ask. i don’t live anywhere near any one named charlie, and none of my neighbours have bad british accents or anything like that.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I don’t know either. I was just about to post something asking what song it was. It sounds famiar, but I just can’t place it.



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