Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“My version of white water rafting is to down a bottle of chardonnay.” My version of white water rafting is white water rafting.

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  1. Waldo says:

    You make my day, bro.

  2. Melissa says:

    And I thought my 8th graders said some stupid things. How has your brain not exploded yet?

  3. tammy says:

    Makes you think, these girls may actually be smart… I could never come up with that!

  4. Megan says:

    Charlie, you are a total genious to make this site!!
    It’s totally funny and I read it every day! Keep up the good work(:

  5. Charlie McDowell says:

    Megan, thanks so much. Your kind words make these conversations ALMOST worthwhile.

    • Megan says:

      Haha no problem! It’s always hilarious to read what some ditzy girls say and laughing at what you have to say back to them! Love it xD

  6. Lahela says:

    It’s safe to say I’m addicted to their stupidness and your sassy remarks

  7. Annabélle says:

    …I think that’s kindof funny on it’s own. I like that.

  8. Makayla says:

    I read this every day! I’m so sorry you have to deal with these idiots!

  9. Cat says:

    Real classy, GAMs.

  10. Meron says:

    it scares me more to think she’ll be downing THAT much chardonnay.. spooky stuff. love the site!

  11. Mea says:

    I’m just wondering how that is anything like white water rafting? xD
    How much is she drinking?!

  12. Sav says:

    Maybe if you fill a raft with chardonnay? I could just hear it..
    “If your idea of white water rafting is to fill a raft with chardonnay, you might be a girl above charlie.”

  13. Louisa says:

    Its strange because that almost poetic, I think they have been holding out on you…

  14. Grace says:

    I wonder how many glasses of Chardonnay she had had at this point…

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  16. Jessica :p says:

    this is great :) I love everything you write Charlie. it never fails to make my day.

  17. Esther says:

    Honestly, I cannot believe how shocked many of you are about the stupidity of these two girls. I am not even sure if stupidity if the right word. There are so many people on this planet like this, especially in North America, that I am really not surprised at all. Turn on the TV, there are enough examples of ill-bred products of North American superficial, beauty over-hyped, consumerist culture. And the fact that we have nothing better to do than be entertained by these chicks make me wonder why we do not seek to be more interested in truly inspiring people (the ones that make the world a better place, rather contaminate it)?
    I know this sounds negative, and you guys will all jump at me because you love this ( I am not saying it is not entertaining in a sickening way), but get a life and make the world a better place.

    • Amy says:

      I’m just wondering why we’re all such losers with no life because we read this for entertainment, while you are so wordly and sophisticated because you read it and leave a comment, that must have taken you atleast ten minutes to write, about why we should not find humor in these girls. Maybe YOU should find something better to do with your time-like comment on blogs about “truly inspiring’ people as you said.

      Keep up the good work Charlie, your posts get me through the week :)

      • Angela says:

        Out of all the arguments for or against this site, this one is the most disturbing: “If you don’t like it, go away.”

        Not, “dumb chicks deserve it” or “stalking is super awesome and funny,” but that disagreeing with something that everybody else enjoys is somehow unpardonably rude and deserving of wrath (a wrath which, to me, seems to indicate that you know it’s wrong too). What would the world look like if people who disagreed with the majority… just didn’t? Not to get dramatic here, but the consequences of that range from extremely boring, one-sided conversations to facism. Conscientious dissent (actually taking the trouble to register dislike/disagreement in a public forum) is just as important as free speech in American (or any) society. If you see something going on that you think is wrong, you should say something about it. That’s the duty that comes with your freedom.

      • Joe says:

        Angela… I think you should just get down on your knees and suck my suck my dick like a good girl :)

    • Mark says:

      As Amy said, just because we find entertainment in reading these posts does not mean that we simply sit and stare at the screen waiting for a new DGAM post. I’m sure that many of us simply take this as a momentary escape from more serious issues in life.

      • Maria says:

        I agree. i think we should stop trying to make this into something it’s not and just take it at face value: comedic relief from this (often) stressful life. don’t take things so seriously. it’s bad for your heart.

      • Kate says:

        I just sit and stare at the screen untill a new dgam is posted……while I am white water rafting myself to sleep. Don’t judge the lifestyle…..

    • vampiresquirrel says:

      lol, quality trolling, girl

  18. Amanda says:


    “If you see something going on that you think is wrong, you should say something about it. That’s the duty that comes with your freedom.”

    I think I made a suggestion on the thread for the last post that you should seriously consider. I will repost it here, to save you some time, just in case you didn’t see it. I should clarify that I am being perfectly sincere. Here it is:

    If you truly believe in everything you’re saying, here is what I suggest:
    With the information that you think makes these girls easily identifiable, look them up yourself and educate them to what is going on.

  19. Adam says:

    I just have one comment for the argument above me, why do you give a f%*&, really it’s ridiculous that any you would have such an argument when the reality is no one will win or even lose for that matter because neither party will let go of their convictions so please stop trying to make people change their views/thoughts/lives just because you find their views/thoughts/lives unsatisfactory. So please go ahead and post your opinions but please do not invite argument or refute someone else’s post

    • El says:

      Why are they arguments and not discussions? Discussions are healthy, and the person was insulting by saying that we should inspire change instead of being amused at these girls. But the real sadness, is that he thinks that he is better than them or anyone, because we are all equal, and no matter how intelligent you are, sometimes you have thoughts that are silly. You may be wiser to filter those thoughts, but everyone is human.

      • Adam says:

        Please explain in what manner you find all people equal, and please excuse this next little burst of anger i just find the everyone is human saying absolutely ridiculous and pointless because no duh everyone is human i mean really and yes i know it is supposed to justify making mistakes but i think that is a horrible phase to convey that meaning

  20. Kat says:

    I just discovered this site today and love it. It entertained me for about 15 minutes as I was sitting around bored. New fan? I think so

    • Awesome. says:

      Your from MLIA? I think I can tell from the final MLIA cliche :P

      • Kat says:

        Yeah, originally that’s where I’m “from”. But this is far more entertaining. MLIAs can’t compare. Or FMLs.

  21. lucylove says:

    imagine what would happen iif they saw this site???!

  22. Carrie Ann says:

    1. Charlie, you absolutely make my day with these. You have no idea how much you make me smile by posting these comments. Even my worst days are turned around by reading [or re-reading] the things these girls say.

    2. To anyone who has an issue with it? The simple fact is… You’re not being forced to read it so, please, stop being so stuck up your own butt and go to a different site. Simple fix.

  23. Emily says:

    This is funny stuff.

  24. Elle says:

    Angela, just because you never received any attention from anybody doesn’t mean you should start a scene here ok? :)
    It really baffles me why you continue to visit the site so religiously when you’re so bitter about it.
    Stop ruining it for everyone and go join PETA or something. They’ll probably accept you there.

  25. B says:

    I wish you’d post more often Charlie. :( These letters make my day.

  26. Ready Salted says:

    Maybe the white water rafting bit comes after the downing…

  27. Harrold. says:

    He he. I find it funny that google has published an add for white water rafting right next to this post. Ahh the irony. :)

  28. Naama says:

    I wonder how many “face palm” do you do a day?

  29. Jocelyn says:

    That…that doesn’t even…I tried to make sense of it! At first glance, it didn’t seem that awful and then I thought about…I think my brain just exploded.
    This is a great way of venting your frustration, Charlie, as compared to screaming at the top of your lungs every second. I feel bad that your misery is giving me a nice helping of schadenfreude, but on the other hand, you’re just too funny!

  30. Meredith says:

    Wow… I know some girls that would fit right in with the GAM. One of them actually pees her pants on a regular basis because she thinks it’s cute. They would be “bffs”

  31. Meredith says:

    @Meredith- we have the same name AND I also know a girl who thinks it is hilarious to pee her pants but this girl also thinks it is hilarious to pee on OTHER people’s stuff as well…note that she is not drunk when having a “pee-sesh”

  32. Nikki says:

    I really do love this site but I have to admit I like this comment. It is something I would say. To be fair I do live in a binge drinking society and love my wine.

  33. lyndsey says:

    thanks for the post charlie =)

    i used to find the comments just as funny until everyone started being all angry. calm down people and say something funny.

  34. Hayley says:

    i have a quistion. are your floors really thin or are they just super loud?

  35. Victoria says:

    Charlie, love, this makes my day. :) keep it up, PLEASE!

    to the rest of you. quit using this as a site to bitch at and insult eachother. it’s annoying.

  36. Clover says:

    Oh boy. Who made Angela queen of anything?

  37. Emma says:

    If *that’s* white water rafting, what are the rapids?



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