Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“Hey Olympic website, stop being so annoying and just tell me when David Beckham is swimming!” I think you’re confusing your abs.

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  1. Julia says:

    I think she means “When is Ryan Lochte swimming?” ;)

  2. Alicia says:

    They’re through with the site page,
    Wondering when Bechkam is diving in,
    Getting in a total rage,
    They just want to see him swim!
    Even though he has a nice physique,
    Bechkam’s not in the games.
    And from these girls, tears will leak,
    Because to them that’s “totally lame”.

    Haven’t commented in ages, but here’s a poem for old time’s sake. And I’m a few days late, but happy birthday, Charlie!!

  3. NotRelatedtoMosesHightower says:

    I fully understand the confusion. I’ve been trying to figure out when Michael Phelps is doing gymnastics and LeBron James is going for equestrian. It’s totally upsetting me.



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