Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“Do you think a day will ever come when we don’t wanna listen to The Black Eyed Peas anymore?” Can that day start right now?

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  1. Diana says:

    Oh come on Charlie, like you don’t spend your nights dancing to the noise coming from their room.

  2. Lena says:

    at least it’s not some REALLY loud rock band that keeps you up at night

    • Tyche says:

      Well, I believe that B.E.P.’s music can be pretty loud too, that all depends on how much they pump up the volume. So imagine that heavy techno rhythm all night long… I’d prefer the rock band anytime, please.

      • pb says:

        i’d prefer most things to the black eyed peas. dentists drills, jackhammers, mating cats…

      • Lena says:

        I guess the thing we should all worry about is if the music is loud enough to drown out any gold comments they could make. Hope not :P

  3. Kate says:

    I take it they didn’t see the halftime show? I don’t even watch football, and I heard about it.

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m done visiting this site…you acted like they were real and you don’t even bother to answer people’s questions anymore. This site used to be a cute little family and it’s not anymore.

    • Wendy says:

      Not me, I love this site and always will! Everyone loves it!

    • Lucie says:

      Amanda, did you expect him to be attached to his twitter 24/7? He has a life, which doesn’t involve sitting at the computer 24/7 and besides, he responded above to the first commenter.

    • llamalicious says:

      Sure, the girls are fake. They have been all along.

      The familial feeling wasn’t fake back then, and it still isn’t. The sense of community here isn’t dependent on the corporeal nature of the Girls Above Charlie — it’s dependent on the people visiting the site and having fun. So stay and have fun :)

    • Charlie McDowell says:

      Goodbye, Amanda! You will be missed.

  5. Brittany says:

    uhh he did respond? hes not gonna be on here 24/7/365. im sure he has a life outside of this website….

  6. NotRelatedtoMosesHightower says:


  7. VirtualRose says:

    If they’re going to listen to dance music and keep you up they could at least listen to something good like Kevinsky or Daft Punk GEESH!

  8. Jill says:

    Charlie- you look super hot on

    And your girlfriend looks pretty sexy too! ;-)

  9. Cecilia says:

    YES! I understand. Its pretty annoying that everytime a friend or my sister burns me a cd I get a B.E.P’s song on it!! It’s even worse that my husband blasts it when he’s washing the dishes!!! O.O But….my 20month old daughter enjoys boogying to it….^^

  10. Nancy says:

    Holy s*** charlie, is this you?:
    Are you dating Rooney Mara?

    • Charlie McDowell says:

      That’s a ‘very surprised by so many cameras’ me.

      • Sammmmmm says:

        Better be careful Charlie! I’ve read every post on this site and am an avid everyday reader. I can definitely assume that they read Perez Hilton! Please don’t get caught!

  11. Chelsey says:

    So heart broken you are taken. But you could have chosen a more beautiful or talented girlfriend. Rooney is truly a gem.

  12. Erika says:

    Your posts are hilarious!!! These girls sound like some
    Girls I went to college with. I always wondered ‘how the hell did you get accepted!?’ keep ’em coming Charlie!

  13. Tinnitis says:


    2012-01-17 « Dear Girls Above Me…

  14. trev-head says:

    I wanna hear what they’ve to say about sopa/pipa!

  15. M4ndy5ue says:

    Hey Charlie I was reading People magazine mobile and couldn’t help but recognize your name and picture : ). I had no idea you were dating Rooney Mara, congrats! You two looked really cute in the picture

    Just thought it was awesome that I recognized your name in the headline haha : )

  16. Kate says:

    Charlie’s back! Yay!
    Please clear it up, Charlie. Are you still living under them or have you moved in with Rooney Mara? I hate to pry, but I’m so confused! Thank you for all the laughs, btw.

  17. Lawlieter says:

    His girlfriend should move in with Charlie. I feel like they could make a sitcom out of THAT!

  18. Stephanie says:

    just joined after reading the People article on my iPhone… this is pretty cool! Can’t wait to read what those girls say and do next!

  19. Rosalie says:

    Hey Charlie, if the press is talking about you,
    and you being famous ish from this website,
    Don’t you think that the Girls will eventually find it?

  20. Rosalie says:

    Oh and realize it’s about them*

  21. Katie says:

    This is hysterical! He is saying everything others think….wondering if these girls realize this blogs existence?

  22. Heather says:

    just stumbled upon this site today.. awesome. did these girls live above you before you started writing about them or did they just move in?

  23. Drank says:

    In response to the people asking if the girls will find out…I think it’s safe to say that we’d all be shocked if they managed to put the puzzle pieces together, what with their so-intelligent brains….

  24. k says:

    Thank you for clearing that up ,I almost stopped reading.

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  27. how to get a girl…

    2012-01-17 « Dear Girls Above Me…

  28. Stacie says:

    I seriously think this is the stupidest website ever!!

  29. Stacie says:

    I’d like to say this, Things like this is so not a way to get a girl, well hell whoever made this must be a lonely jackass. Have you ever think that there is some teenagers that is girls who comes and reads this. Seriously grow the fuck up already. I don’t care how old you mother fuckers are, I’m a 16 and a 1/2 year old and I find this quite offensive!!!

    • Hannah says:

      I can only see this being offensive to morons like the GAMs. Charlie already has a girlfriend, why would he need to ‘get a girl’? I’m seventeen, and I find this website quite entertaining. On another note, before posting a rude comment, please use proper grammar. The way you type makes you sound like an illiterate fool.

    • Lizzi says:

      Stacie, the only jackass here is you…. He isn’t trying to offend anyone. Even someone with half a brain could figure that out.Oh & I’m a teenage girl & this got me through 8th grade when I was bullied everyday. Think before you type. ‘Kay bye. :)



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