Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“I’m returning all presents from my mom, not because I don’t like them, but because she just assumed I’m a size 4.” But you are…

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  1. Lex says:


  2. Charlie McDowell says:

    Thank God they are back. I was beginning to regain my sanity. Phew.

    • Ellie says:

      Oh yes. Insanity is certainly the better way to go. Everyone knows that blondes and crazy people have the most fun. ^_^

  3. f5alcon says:

    she will just go on the bang more guys weight loss program.

  4. Sharon Griffith says:

    I think you are hysterical. This is my kind of humor.
    Sharon Griffith

  5. Sadie says:


  6. Sarah says:

    Yayyyyy! They’re home! I’ve missed them! And don’t worry Gamble, I checked everyday too

  7. SharkBait says:

    I checked everyday as well! Welcome home girls!

  8. Rebekah says:

    I checked daily too! Glad they’re home!!!

  9. Sparkylee says:

    I checked daily too! Welcome back!!!
    And DAMN I would kill to be a size 4! haha

  10. Emilie says:

    As a daily checker, I am so happy to see they are back. And ha! hilarious.

  11. Emalee says:

    I also checked every day :P and I’m a size 0.

  12. Persontolazytogetupandeat says:

    I checked daily too glad their back!!!! :)

  13. Bubbles says:

    Wait…how did you know she was a size 4?

  14. Maddy says:


  15. Lena says:

    Charlie, how..did you know?

  16. Cassidy says:

    I’m seventeen years old and skinny for my height and I’m a size EIGHT. If they’re taller than five-five, it’s probably unhealthy for them to be a size four or smaller.

    • TravelingGhost says:

      Yes and no. Bone structure has a lot to do with what size you can wear. My sister-in-law is 5’7″ or 5’8″ and wears a size 0 or 1. She has an incredibly fine bone structure and narrow hips, as well as being very fit. Me, I’m 5’5″ on a good day, and the only way I’ll wear smaller than an 8 (or 6, depending on brand), is if I go below the weight that is healthy for me. I have a heavier bone structure and full hips, as well as muscled heavier (I bulk up in muscle more than she does), so a bigger size is needed. Oh, and these are women’s sizes, not Juniors. I’m a 13 in Juniors. Talk about messing with the mind.

      So, while there is a good chance she is unhealthily that size, she may lean that way as well.

  17. Katie Grace says:

    Yay! I checked daily too. Welcome back, Charlie

  18. sikiş izle says:

    ahhaha thanks my friend

  19. pottergirl94 says:

    How dare she get you clothes that are your size and aren’t 3 sizes to tight

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