Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“What the hell does Easter have to do with Jesus anyway?” You don’t know? He’s the one who hires the Bunny.

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  1. Gypsy says:

    Maybe the reason for Easter. Other than the fact that it was originally a pagan holiday that the early Christians adopted as there own to prevent persecutions.

    • Yepperoo says:

      Actually that’s incorrect. It’s about how Jesus was crucified and died for our sins on what we celebrate as Good Friday and Easter is when He rose again. But, if your screen name is any indication of your intelligence, I can’t be upset at you. Just remember that when you look outside, that the big yellow one is the sun. Good luck out there, champ. You’ll need it.

      • B says:

        Wow, that was a bit much. There’s no need to insult anyone.
        Actually, though Easter is talking about Jesus’ crucifiction many of the practices (such as the symbols of rabbits, chicks and lilies) were from the Pagan holiday of Ostera. Even the name Easter comes from Ostera.

      • Leticia says:

        LOL, you are a perfect example of ignorance + obnoxious attitude which always equals epic failure. It’s annoying how any mention of religion on the internet will undoubtedly lead to rude comments such as your.

      • Trippetta says:

        And a Happy Zombie Jesus Day to you too, Yepperoo.

      • Tigerr says:

        I’m not sure how well this fits in, but here goes:

      • Billie says:

        Wow. Ignorant, bigoted, and clearly can’t even manage to google something. Yepperoo, I hope you feel stupid. I’m actually a little embarassed for you. Try doing your research before you shoot your little mouth off next time, okay?

    • Cygnus says:

      Sorry Deary, Gypsy is spot on. Like all the best holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter) they were pagan first and plastered over and very watered down by the much later Christians. Most of humanity predates Christianity and the Pagan customs are just so very hard to break. Maypole, yule log, mistletoe, eggs, bunnies, baskets of woven grasses, carving pumkins. All Pagan. Hurray!

    • Nikki says:

      Easter IS from Pagan beliefs… and it actually started off pretty much about “fertility” and “breeding” which is basically sex… The rabbit was intended to mean breed like rabbits, the eggs resembling fertilization. I’m not sure where it came from but I’m sure somewhere in modern dady Germany. Christians take it upon themselves to make it “Jesus’s Resurrection Day” which I’m confused on… doesn’t Easter change dates or is that my stupidity? I’m actually not someone who celebrates Easter, so yeah..

      • Nikki says:


      • Heather says:

        Easter changes dates by our calendar because it’s based on moon cycles. It’s always somewhere between the vernal equinox (March 21) and April 25. I believe that the Pagan holiday was also determined by moon cycles, and so they happened close to the same time. When Christian authorities banned celebrating Pagan holidays the pagans claimed to be celebrating the Christian holiday with their Pagan customs. Eventually the Christian holiday adopted the Pagan customs.

      • Nikki says:

        so technically… Jesus rose on an undetermined date?

      • a christian girl says:

        Jesus was killed during the Jewish Passover holiday (the Last Supper was a seder supper!) which still follows the old lunar calendar, hence why Easter today changes from year to year. So yes, we know precisely when Jesus died (and came back to life, which happened on Easter Sunday), unlike the month/day of his birth which is unknown but celebrated on Christmas.
        So before the Christian Easter, the Jews had been celebrating the Passover at the same time of year for centuries. Pagan peoples had their own festivals to do with spring, a time of rebirth and new life in any culture. Jesus said not a word of bunnies or coloring eggs of course so we have pagan cultures to thank for those fun traditions^^
        –hope that cleared things up a bit!

  2. barbara says:

    Charlie I’m so curious, how did they celebrate Easter?

  3. Aoife says:

    Hey Charlie :) I never commented before but I’ve followed this for ages:)
    haha their intelligence levels seem to decrease everytime haha

  4. Artsy Girl says:

    One time my brother Chris joked around with one of his friends by telling them that Easter was the holiday where Jesus pokes his head out of the cave and sees his shadow giving us a few more weeks of winter.

  5. Sarah Dani says:

    Wow, these girls are ridiculous! Haven’t they ever watched an Easter special on television?

  6. tegan says:

    I can’t really blame them for not knowing what easter is really about – if they didn’t come from a religious upbringing it can be easy to not know, especially if they aren’t interested in learning, or are just pretty unaware of life outside their lives. Growing up myself i didn’t have a clue why easter was a religious holiday, i just wanted the chocolate – that was what all the advertising was about, thats what they sold in stores. I hope they googled easter to try to enrich their minds.

    • Lonely Girl says:

      I agree. It can also work the other way as well. For someone who’s been a Christian since they were little and/or raised is a religious household, they might not know about the Easter Bunny for several years.

    • Heather says:

      I imagine that if you grow up in a place where Christianity is the majority religion you would associate Easter with Jesus sometime when the magic of a treat-toting rabbit wears off. I mean, there are Easter candies shaped like crosses and churches seem to sponsor half of the Easter Egg Hunts.

  7. GAM Defender says:

    Yes, he comes up from the grave turning into Zombie Jesus and we celebrate it by hiding eggs filled with candy in our backyards and eating chocolate bunnies- Girls got it right, what the hell are they thinking?

    And you guys can’t argue with that, I went to Catholic school. This is what we were taught by the nuns!

    • Deirdre says:

      … Um, I went to Catholic school too, and the nuns never said anything about zombies. Sorry.

    • Taurie says:

      Defender is completely right. I too went to a catholic school as a child, and this is all we were taught. Sorry Deidre, but I think your school was a tad off…

    • Holly says:

      aw, i was actually hoping you were going to give a decent explanation for this one, you’re usually good.

  8. GinnyPotter says:

    I can picture them crying when they realized the easter bunny didn’t leave them any candy.

  9. GAM Defender says:

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you, Charlie. You think you’ve lost your masculinity- I’ve resorted to posting on a gossip forum about “make up gurus” on youtube. Pretty sure I’m the only heterosexual male that has ever even clicked on that site.

    It’s all stuff like: “That stupid bitch claims her natural hair color is dirty brown!! LOOK, OBVIOUSLY IT’S LIGHT BROWN WITH SLIGHTLY LIGHTER NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS. EFFING LIAR, GET OFF YOUTUBE.” Oh, it’s just like sunshine on a cloudy day…

    • Tigerr says:

      You sir, are AMAZING xD Then there’s me trying to convince people my hair is actually red not black…

    • Charlie McDowell says:

      You’re only a stronger man because of it.

    • Britt says:

      you sir, just made me laugh so hard i spit out my pink crush pop all over my shirt. congratulations.

      • Britt says:

        i just realized that the girl who posted a comment above me also started her comment with “you sir”.
        i kinda feel like a fail D:

    • angel says:

      HAHAHAHA! I want in on this gossip forum site thingy GAM Defender!

  10. Jacky Faber: Midshipman, Fine Lady, and Lily of the West says:

    Oh my…I think someone might need to Evangelize to them. O.o I feel bad for them if they aren’t Christian. Actually…I don’t even think they are, why I didn’t make that observation earlier, I have no clue.

  11. Lily Luna says:

    I find it a little hard to believe that supposedly “mature” adults their age have lived their whole lives without learning at least a little bit about the reason Christians celebrate Easter. The Easter BUNNY, though…THAT has nothing to do with Jesus. :)

    • Dolores Umbridge says:

      Yeah, where did the Easter bunny come from, anyways?

      • Denirae says:

        Long answer or short answer? :P You may have read in the first few comments, but when Easter was first started by early Christians, it was designed to coincide with a common Pagan holiday. This was both to disguise its real meaning (Christians weren’t exactly popular back then) and to convert others to their cause (people don’t like giving up their holidays). As such, as more people converted to Christianity, they brought some of their old practices with them, resulting in the Christian holiday of Easter taking on some very Pagan traits. This is where we get the Easter Bunny and the practice of hiding eggs. Rabbits and eggs are both Pagan symbols of fertility, which was the focus of the Pagan holiday that occurs around the time of Easter. :)

  12. Sara says:

    I had the wonderful experience of explaining Easter and the Easter Bunny to my 3 year old. She understood the part about Jesus’ death better than she understood what exactly the Easter Bunny was. These girls need help.

  13. Dolores Umbridge says:

    YES! Thank you, Charlie. I was waiting for this Easter-y comedy gold to pull through.

  14. dagoreo says:

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but the reason why Easter falls on the day it does is because it follows Jewish Passover – the dates of both are determined by a lunisolar calendar. In languages other than English, the word for Easter often starts with a P, such as “Pascha,” or “Pasen,” reflecting this connected.

    When Christianity was introduced into Germanic-speaking Europe, amongst peoples who used a calendar system different from that established by the Romans, they noticed that although the holiday in question did not occur on a fixed date, it typically occurred during their month of “Eostur,” which was named after the goddess Ostara. While this name, and the rabbits and eggs associated with modern Easter are certainly pagan in origin, Easter itself is not an usurped holiday.

    • HHS says:

      That would be true except for the fact that Passover, actually pronounced Pesach in Hebrew or Pascha in Russian, is still going on and ends on Tuesday. And Pesach doesn’t usually happen around the same time as Easter. They are not related to each other in terms of dates.

      • Hiya says:

        but uhm…..Jesus rode to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover because he was a Jew. He was arrested and crucified while he was in Jerusalem. So…the dates are connected, somewhat.

    • Denirae says:

      That is a good point, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still falls around the time of a Pagan holiday, which is how so many Pagan symbols became a part of its celebration.

  15. maria says:

    it would be more understandable if they said wht does a bunny have to do with easter

  16. Ashlea says:

    The bunny is based on the pagan symbol of fertility (rabbit; i.e. “getting it on like rabbits.”) and also a sign of spring, flowers blooming etc…

    this is why we have a bunny hopping around… why it poops eggs still fails to escape me though…

  17. Alex says:

    What a perfect post to top off Easter! How was your Easter, Charlie?

    • Charlie McDowell says:

      It was pretty low key. I had to do some writing, watched playoff basketball, and of course listened to the ladies. How was yours?

      • Artsy Girl says:

        Shame about the Laker loss:( I hope that didn’t spoil your Easter in some way.

      • Alex says:

        It mainly consisted of me doing homework and eating chocolate while my family went out for a picnic.

  18. Charlie McDowell says:

    I think we actually learned some history today, people!

  19. Charlotte says:

    i am not christian, so growing up i always wondered how Jesus coming back to life had ANYTHING to do with eggs. and then, along came the bunny. WHAT THE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
    ooooh its the day jesus came back to life. lets have a bunny! but we need some sort of candy for kids! ok, there are eggs, with candy inside! i will never understand.:)

    • Leila says:

      Has anyone listened to Eddie Izzard and his take on the Easter holiday and how it came about? It’s pretty funny. Then again, I think that guy is stinking hilarious!

  20. Marie says:

    Wow. Most people ask what does the bunny have anything to do with Easter…

  21. Bro-seph says:

    Well in the immortal words of Stephen Colbert, “On the third day Jesus was resurrected and laid a brightly colored Easter egg”. That’s what Jesus has to do with Easter.

  22. Artsy Girl says:

    To save everyone the trouble of googling maybe this might help.

    “In the second century A.D., Christian missionaries tried to convert northern European tribes. To help make Christianity attractive, the missionaries turned pagan festivals into Christian holidays. The pagan Eastre festival occurred around the same time as the Christian celebration marking Christ’s resurrection so the two celebrations blended into one, rabbit and all.

    Over time, Eastre became Easter, and the symbolism changed as well. Instead of the Easter rabbit symbolizing fertility, the rabbit may symbolize an innocent, vulnerable creature that can be sacrificed, similar to the lamb. To Christians, these innocents are tokens of Christ and the sacrifice he made.

    The Easter bunny we know today was influenced by German traditions dating back to the 1500s. German children believed that the Oschter Haws (a magical rabbit) would leave them a nest of colored eggs at Eastertime if they were good. Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought this tradition to America in the 1700s.

    On a related note, eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth and thus associated with spring celebrations. In the 600s, Pope Gregory the Great forbade the eating of eggs during Lent (the 40 days proceeding Easter), and this helped make eggs a special treat at Easter. Many European cultures also have old customs of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts. “

  23. Charlotte says:

    i always thought it was odd that people hire other people to dress up as things, animals, and beings that ALREADY EXSIST IN THIS WORLD. such a bunnies. i would rather have a REAL bunny at my easter egg hunt, then have some creeper dad dressed in a giant bunny suit with some creepy painted smile and a ball of cotten taped to his ass. scary….

  24. GAM Defender says:


  25. dude, says:

    it’s a freakin joke, calm down.

  26. Grace says:

    Wow, these girls… My intelligence is offended. BTW, Thanks Artsy Girl, I didn’t know that!

  27. Louisa says:

    Makes me wonder what school they went to that doesn’t seem to have any form of religious education whatsoever…

    • Heather says:

      From the schools I know, Christianity is barely taught. It’s grouped with the other monotheistic religions and skimmed, but many curriculum assume that most students are Christian and learn about it at church and at home.

  28. Charlotte says:

    some of the things they say, i wonder if they even went to school!

  29. Charlotte says:

    sorry i spelled your name wrong! typo!

  30. kerreb7 says:

    Hey Charlie I thought you had died over easter I have been waiting to hear the stupid things they have said … It makes me feel that touch warmer inside knowing there are people as dumb as them still functioning in the world :)
    As for the Bunny and Easter thing the way I was raised was that Jesus took our sins on the cross so that we could have new life and when he was dead he went, took the keys to the gates of Hell and when he rose he brought the freedom of life with him. The Bunny represents the new life.
    As for the egg I was taught that it was to symbolise the stone being rolled away (when I was younger me and my sisters used to boil and decorate eggs then roll them down a big hill. Alot of us children used to get together to do it and the winner got an Easter egg).
    I know many will disagree with what I was raised with but its what I was brought up with as for the dates being different I was taught that we celebrate Good Friday on the day of Passover and the date is not significant but the meaning.

  31. Joanna Banana says:

    I’m so glad this site exists. Thanks Charlie! and i guess thanks to the GAM xD

  32. kylathelost says:

    I never had a problem with the bunny, I just never understood why he gave out eggs, and where he got them…

    I’m pretty sure my mom used the Easter bunny as sort of a springtime Santa Claus, teasing that he wouldn’t come because we had been bad. As far as I know, the Easter bunny doesn’t give a crap whether you’ve been good, he’ll give you chocolate eggs anyway.

  33. Jillian says:

    Just as a side note about the Passover/Easter connection…

    The last supper was Passover. Jesus was at a seder celebrating Pesach the same week he was crucified and then rose. Passover ends tomorrow night, but that doesn’t matter, as he may have just been crucified during that week. Passover is a long holiday (8 days) not just two nights of dinner (last Mon and Tues night).

    I’m both Jewish and Christian, BTW. I go to church and temple a few times a year.

    • Alex says:

      I had no idea you could be both. Are you baptised?

      • Emily says:

        It’s possible to be both. Judaism and Christianity aren’t so different. They’re both pretty much the same religion, just different practices. In fact, Christianity branched off from Judaism.

  34. angel says:

    what an entertaining and educational post, or at least the comments are educational. haha. as a non-Christian, I’ve always wondered about the bunnies and the chocolates too.
    Then again, who would say no to chocolates right? Haha.

    for somebody who is just as out of it as the GAMs are, read this particular Yahoo Answers question:

  35. Emily says:

    Hello all! I’ve read this blog for a couple of months now, this is my first time commenting. Question for Charlie (bear with me if it sounds rather stupid). What would you do if the girls ever came across this site? O.o

  36. Miekeala says:

    Charlie, last night I had a night mare about you and the girls. You became best friends with them and stopped adding to this site…..

    • Alex says:

      Silly person! Charlie wouldn’t stop posting if he became best friends with them! In fact, I reckon he’d post more!

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  38. awesomeselflover says:

    Zombie Jesus Day!

  39. I can see the future. says:

    The bunnies, eggs and chocolate have nothing to do with the traditional easter story as stated before the story is that Jesus died and on the third day rose again. The other practices such as egg hunts and such were from pagan practices and were adopted into the holiday from pagan people… not the church…

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