Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


I “bumped” into your housekeeper in the laundry room and through very little English, negotiated a “informacion alliance pact.”

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  1. LovelyLauren says:

    Smart move charlie, smart move. And First comment?

  2. Raj Gonzales says:

    and the terms were…

  3. Mark says:

    Way to go Charlie! This oughta get very interesting!

  4. ASchmalz says:

    wait, they have a housekeeper??? does daddy foot all the bills?

  5. Bertie says:

    Ye-ha! That’s what I like to hear. Upping the ante

    …We are all so creepy…

    • angel says:

      hahaha. I know right? Look at my suggestion below. Ultimate stalker move. LOL.

      but, we are creepy in a good way. Right? Riiight?? (trying to convince myself)

  6. angel says:

    hahaha. will she be helping you leave tape recorders at the places around the house where you might not be able to hear the GAMs as clearly?

    that’ll be fun. Then you can make it a GAM podcast.

  7. nomdeplume says:

    Are you sure you can trust Senora Housekeeper?

  8. I want a new guitar says:

    hahaha awesome move Charlie!

  9. Leila says:

    This is AWESOME!!! :D I got really excited as I read this post. :D Seriously, I’m really looking forward to the posts that come as a result of this “informacion alliance pact.” I can help with any translation as well. Si.

  10. Emily says:

    The things that poor person must see….

  11. Fermata says:

    Heres a question, why is everyone assuming this housekeeper speaks spanish?

    • Leila says:

      Because “informacion” in spanish is information. And it’s California, which used to be a part of Mexico.

    • Bertie says:

      Because he spelt “information” “informacion,” the Spanish way.

      We’re not being racist or assuming stereotypes, we’re working with the information Charlie has given us :)

      Then again, he could have just made a spelling mistake…

    • Tigerr says:

      Lol, you’re not the only one who thought that, I didn’t realize that either :P

    • Fermata says:

      HARHAR I did not see that. Even if I did I wouldn’t know, I quit Spanish three years ago :P

  12. Lexi says:

    This site really is bringing people together.
    And did you ever think, when you first started this site, that you would be negotiating with strangers to please your online family?

  13. BlueberryMuffin says:

    Hola, espias…
    007? Por favor!
    Oh, shenanigans.

  14. Reme Ataya says:

    Great work Charlie!! keep us updated on any new informacion ok? =)

  15. says:

    Dude, i’m for hire. I will be a double agent “their housekeeper” and your source. I have a trench coat.

  16. Erin says:

    Hell yes!!!

  17. shelbycat says:

    …they have a housekeeper? I wonder if the even know how to do laundry.. or use a broom.

  18. Sackonutso says:

    What was negotiated? What does the housekeeper get in return… para los secretos?

  19. Kayla says:

    If that’s all you accomplish for the entire week, it’s a week well spent. Just saying.

  20. Alex says:

    Good work, Charlie! Now we have our own insider. :)

  21. Theresa says:

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. I missed yesterday’s post, and it was my birthday (and Alicia’s as well of course). You have no clue how much I was anticipating the post on my birthday, and I forgot and missed it!! Urghhhh. :( Well anyways, thank you Charlie for the awesome post yesterday (and today as well!)

  22. Cygnus says:

    Contact a translator immediately. We must get the dirt, um I mean scoop. This is masterfully done!

  23. Kelsey says:

    Just be sure she isn’t a double agent Charlie. If they pay her enough it could influence some loyalty.

  24. Tyler says:

    I was showing this to a friend who I thought would get a laugh out of it,, instead he recomended you see a therapist. Some people have no sense in humour *shakes head*

  25. Lord Voldemort says:

    Getting an inside man(or women)….how clever….

  26. Haley says:

    YAY! i’m so excited to see what this lady will let us find out! do all the people in your building have housekeepers or did they hire her else where?

  27. Lala says:

    You know I just had a thought…

    Does this constitute all of us stalking these girls?
    Like…could the potentially get a restraining order out on all of us?

  28. Cassie says:

    No way! Freedom of speech and the press, yo. Not his fault he can hear what they say, or ours for being entertained by it! ;) now if he REALLY did the tape recorder thing.. Well that’s another story lol.

    • Lala says:

      But maybe trying to get their housekeeper to narc on them?

      Charlie you should look into being a spy or something.
      See if the CIA is hiring.

    • Mephistopheles says:

      The US has a freedom of information act right, then technically Charlie should be fine ,
      If they find out all he really needs to do is use long words.

  29. Montana says:

    What happens if she tells them what you’re doing? That would be interesting.

  30. Lonely Girl says:

    Hope this all pans out for you Charlie.

  31. Jillian says:

    Wouldn’t it be an apartment-keeper?

  32. Prosopagnosia says:

    This sounds exciting.

  33. Me! says:

    I am curious.

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  36. Holly says:

    If this was any other situation I would call you a stalker; however, I completely understand and would like to call you brilliant!

  37. Jeltimab says:

    Good Job! Getting your own ban of people together.If you ever tell the girls about the website, video-tape it for Youtube. That would be a priceless moment,

  38. Orchid says:

    Dear charlie! I speak spanish as a first lanvuage if you need an effective translator! :P
    Hilarious idea!

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