Charlie covering his ears
Two annoying girls moved into the apartment above me.
I'm forced to hear every dumb thing they say.
These are my letters to them.


“So, the war in Iraq is officially over? Didn’t that happen like 3 years ago?” No, that was just Cameron and Justin ending things.

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  1. Brianna says:


  2. Bellatrix Lestrange says:

    um wow. you need to sit them down and watch the news with them. or read a newspaper with them. this kind of ignorance is just plain wrong

  3. john says:

    Actually, “Victory”has been declared in the war in iraq several times in the last few years. In 2008, alone, victory was claimed in July and November (and then promptly recinded). I can understand the girls’ confusion. However, Charlie, your reply is hilarious.

  4. justintime says:

    Somebody should clue these girls in on this site, then see how long they take it is about them….then see how long it take them to figure out who is posting. My guess is never.

  5. ScarletteLyn says:

    Charlie, you are hilarious! but yes, maybe you should sit them down and clear things up…. But i never said you had to tell the truth :P

  6. Katie says:

    Huh? It’s over? o.o

  7. alix says:

    I just think its hilarious that you follow the datings of celebs.

  8. vampiresquirrel says:

    I live with my gramma with Alzheimer’s, and SHE well aware of the current Iraq situation, and we don’t even live in the US!!

  9. Lilly says:

    I have a great idea, every week leave a riddle of their door. Then listen to see what happens. HAHA!

  10. Jessica Lynn says:

    Keep the laughs comin’, Charlie. (:

  11. Taylor says: really need to leave a newspaper by their door asap.

  12. Czarina says:

    I check deargirlsaboveme daily. I especially checked today because i wanted to see if there was a new letter on my birthday! Thanks for a great end to my day, Charlie. C:

  13. flubber says:

    can i meet them? as a veteran, i’d like to slap them.

    • Nathaniel McLaughlin says:

      Unfortunately, people THIS out of touch are more common then you think…and we are in the process of RIP’ing out, we are not entirely out of Iraq yet.

      173rd ABCT 1-503rd. Hello from Afghanistan! :)

  14. Kitty says:

    so wait…is the war really over or not??

  15. Shelley says:

    They must talk really loud or the building u live in must have rly thin ceilings

  16. Deepa says:

    It’s not my birthday but I checked for a new letter anyway.
    It was a good end to my uneventful day :)

  17. Ryan says:

    Thank god the rest of the female population have brains (my girl is a genius). If all of ’em were like these 2 i would just apt for a female chimp. At least they know sign language lmao. Sorry girls, this s*** looks bad on y’all

    • She says:

      I would say these girls make themselves look bad… not all girls. You, however, just said you’d apt for a female chimp… and how does that make you look good exactly? :)



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